The British Partnership

There has been a British publishing house since 1957. Since 1973, British legislation covering the commercial representation of disabled people has required that disabled people are in personal control of the business activities undertaken and, to this end, the British partnership known as ‘Mouth and Foot Painting Artists’ (MFPA) was formed.
Winter Cottage, Mouth-painted by Trevor Wells

There are currently around thirty-two British artists of whom six are member artists, one is an associate member and the remainder are students. The British artists are well represented on the Managing Board.

The British publishing house has been located at Inverness Place in London since 1957 and is called MFPA Publishing Ltd. It is run by non-disabled staff appointed by and responsible to the artists.

‘The MFPA has given me a lot of support and encouragement to do what I love which is painting’

Alton Jackson, mouth painter