How we are managed

The Association is run as a “democratic co-operative’. All the member artists have a voice in how it is run and it is owned by all of them. Not all wish to be directly involved in the management of the business and such an arrangement would be impractical anyway for reasons of geography and health, so they elect by postal ballot delegates to represent their interests. The management procedures are governed by the statutes, which require that a Delegates Convention be held at least once every three years. In practice, this has taken place much more frequently. For electoral purposes, the Association divides the world into four regions: Europe, Africa and the Middle East; the Americas; the Far East; Australasia and Oceania. Each region deputes at least one delegate for every five members.

This chart shows how every region in the Association has an influence on policy

‘The MFPA gives me encouragement and support to carry on painting my individual style’

Roger Pedrick, mouth painter