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Ian Parker

Ian Parker (1)

MFPA Associate Member

Born: 1970
Lives in: Stoke-on-Trent
Painting style: Mouth painter
Subjects: Landscapes, wildlife, steam trains

Ian was born with a rare condition where his joints are fixed or partially fixed. Like fellow MFPA Artists, Rob Trent and Alison Lapper, Ian attended Chailey Heritage School where he developed a talent for painting. After studying for ‘A’ levels, Ian took a Foundation Course in Art to further his skills before being accepted onto a Degree Course in Fine Art in Stoke-on-Trent, where he lives today.

Whilst studying for his degree Ian met his wife Mary, and they now have two daughters who sometimes feature in his paintings. Ian is a committed Christian whose faith plays an important part in all aspects of his life.

Sometimes Ian is invited to do talks and demonstrations at primary schools and various adult groups, as well as occasionally doing exhibitions. In 2019, after two year’s work, Ian finished illustrating the MFPA children’s book, Danny’s Dream.

‘As someone who always enjoyed art and painting, knowing of the MFPA encouraged me that one day I might be able to earn a living as an artist. Since graduating with a degree in Fine Art, working with the MFPA has meant that I have been able to be an artist full-time, doing the very job I love’

Ian Parker


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