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Katrina Gardner

Katrina Gardner

MFPA Student Artist

Born: 1962
Lives in: Hull, East Yorkshire
Painting style: Foot painter
Subjects: Children, Animals and Wildlife, Landscape, Scenery

Katrina was born partly disabled by thalidomide, in August 1962, when her mother took drug to reduce morning sickness. Katrina has four elder brothers and her mother was determined to treat her equally. Katrina went to mainstream schools but after being bullied her mother decided that in order for her to be safe it would be better for her to go to a school for disabled people.

Katrina stayed at school until 16 but as Katrina says there were no exams to be had so she went into the 6th form in a mainstream school but as the work was harder she came out with certificates in History and Art.

Katrina went to college and after this the only jobs on offer were government schemes which she took. Katrina eventually got a part time job at her local superstore. She got married and had four children Mark, Daniel, Thomas and Nicola. Katrina became a single mum when her daughter was just 2 years old but she had routines in place and her children became champion dancers. Katrina was once again married then divorced, but, after meeting Tony who has twin daughters Adele and Danielle, a granddaughter Maisie, as well as her own 4 granddaughters Sienna, Daisie, Mia and Layla, her life is full and exciting.

Katrina has a passion for her paintings and she became a student for MFPA in the year 2000. ‘My life has changed so much thanks to the MFPA. I now have a new talent and have been all over the country doing talks and demonstrations of how I use my feet to paint pictures and everyone loves to see me in action’, she said. Katrina visits schools, prisons, and all different organisations voluntarily doing her demonstrations - and she loves it!

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